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 What are rubrics for IB computer HL ? 


Grading Rubric in Excel with Mastery Skills Listed:
1. Analysis - investigating and analyzing the problem, creating a prototype and discussing it with the user. The analysis determines the user's requirements for the software and sets the stage for design and development. At a high-level it consists of: Tasks, Rules and Results**
You analysis must contain the following:

  • Provide the background: state the user, the job they perform and the problem to be solved.
  • State how you will solve the problem with your program.
  • List all the fields in your data structure (all the fields that you need to store in a record) for your program to do its job.
  • Define the field's data types (Will a month be May or 05?),
  • List example data under each field; display a mock record.
  • Provide a diagram of how the menus will flow for each menu selection. Main Menu-->.....list the result of each choice.
  • List the rules of your software.
  • Show your analysis to your user and include user feedback on the last page. Make the appropriate adjustments to your analysis.
2. Design -
System Design: State the features (error handling and responses) and interfaces (screens - terminal windows or GUIs?)
Program Design: Show your algorithms and logic using pseudo-code and flowchart. Define your Data Structures, Classes and Methods,
3. Programming - writing the program (code). Sample of a program that writes, search and deletes records to a flat file:
4. Documentation - Testing Documentation and User Documentation. Include testing procedures (what data will you test your program with and what is the output). Enter expected, valid data and unexpected, invalid data. Include user instructions and a final evaluation of the success of the solution (your software program). Have the user use and test it.

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