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Physics is one of the Group IV subjects in the IB curriculum. IB Physics consists of an internal and an external assessment. The internal assessment is based on a number of laboratory practicals while the external assessment consists of three written papers based on the knowledge of the Core syllabus and two selected Options.

 External Assessment

The IB Physics Syllabus went through a major revision in 2009. Currently, there are 8 topics in the Core syllabus for both SL and HL including, Physics and physical measurement, Mechanics, Thermal physics, Oscillations and waves, Electric Currents, Field and forces, Atomic and nuclear physics, and Energy, power and climate change. HL Physics covers a great breadth with 6 additional topics including, Motion in fields, Thermal physics, Wave phenomena, Electromagnetic induction, Quantum physics and nuclear physics, and Digital technology. IB Physics offers 10 different Options. While Option A to Option D are offered to SL only, Option H to Option J are offered to HL only. Option E to Option G are offered to both SL and HL but HL students need to cover the extension materials in these Options.

1.   Sight and wave phenomena

2.   Quantum physics and nuclear physics

3.   Digital technology

4.   Relativity and particle physics

5.   Astrophysics

6.   Communication

7.   Electromagnetic waves

8.   Relativity

9.   Medical physics

10.     Particle physics

 Internal Assessment

The internal assessment involves a laboratory practical. A number of laboratory practicals are conducted throughout the two years. Each of them may be assessed in one, a few or all of the assessment areas.

·       Design (D), - grades from two practicals will be presented

·       Data Collection and Processing (DCP), - grades from two practicals will be presented

·       Conclusion and Evaluation (CE), - grades from two practicals will be presented

·       Manipulative skills (MS), - grade from one practical will be presented

·       Personal skills (PS) for Group 4 project only

Here are some examples of the IB Physics practical:

·       Determining the Specific heat capacity of water

·       Using a resonance tube to find the speed of sound in air

·       Finding the relationship between light intensity and distance from light source

Higher level Vs Standard level

Themark distribution and structure of the 3 external assessment papers for HL Physics and SL Physics is different. 



Higher Level


Standard Level

Paper 1

Multiple Choice


1 hr

40 Qs



45 min

30 Qs

Paper 2

Structured Questions


2 hr

15 min

1 data-based Q and some short answer Qs

2 out of 4 long answer Qs



1 hr

15 min

1 data-based Q and some short answer Qs

1 out of 3 long answer Qs

Paper 3



1 hr

15 min

Some short answer Qs and 1 long answer Q for each Option



1 hr

Some short answer Qs for each Optio




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