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Course Offered

 We tutor following  IB courses:

a. English (Group 1: studies in language and literature)

b. Hindi (Group 2: language acquisition)

c. French (Group 2: language acquisition)

d. Spanish (Group 2: language acquisition)

e. Business and Management (Group 3: Individuals and societies)

f. Economics (Group 3: Individuals and societies)

g. Geography (Group 3: Individuals and societies)

h. History (Group 3: Individuals and societies)

i. ITGS (Group 3: Individuals and societies)

j. Biology (Group 4: Experimental Sciences)

k. Chemistry (Group 4: Experimental Sciences)

l. Physics (Group 4: Experimental Sciences)

m. Environmental Systems and Societies (Group 4: Experimental Sciences)

n. Mathematics (Group 5: both HL and SL level)

o. Computer Science (Group 5: both HL and SL level)

p. Theatre (Group 6: The Arts): Practical Performance Proposal (PPP) help only

Apart from the above listed core subjects, we also provide tuition for new subjects that have been/are to be incorporated in the latest IB curriculum.

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